What is the Annual Fund? It’s a crucial reserve that plays a pivotal role in fixing the missing pieces of our organization. What for? Why should you consider giving?


All the staff and teachers at the Alliance Française de Louisville work part-time, and the board members help voluntarily. We wish to contribute our talents to foster our community’s growth and provide excellence in everything we do because we deeply believe in the mission to promote the French language and Francophone cultures. We operate without health insurance or other benefits. When you see us at an event, we prepare it in our spare time to make it a success. When you receive thoughtful and thorough responses to your messages, it’s volunteering as well. Even the additional literature and resources our teachers provide to supplement their classes happen in their free time.


We do that because we care about you and because we are committed to giving you the best quality education, and cultural events when you choose to be part of our community.


2023 has been a big year for the AFL. Our in-person and online French classes for adults and children are the heart of our mission.  We offered outreach programs in our public and private schools.  Members enjoyed the Annual Dinner, Beaujolais Nouveau, Fête des Rois and the Judgement of Paris Wine Tasting.  We also offered cultural programs including the speaker series, book club, Ciné Salon, cooking classes and more.


You can help us today by donating to the Alliance Française de Louisville. No amount is too small, and every dollar adds up to fill the gap between what we charge for our classes and events and the effort we invest in making them truly exceptional.

Your support today can make a significant impact on our nonprofit organization.* Thank you for supporting the Alliance Française de Louisville.


L’équipe de l’Alliance Française de Louisville vous remercie sincèrement pour votre soutien et votre considération dans le cadre de vos dons annuels.


Donations can be made here or sent to the address below. If you are interested in being involved in the AFL community and volunteering your time or skillsets, email afschool@bellsouth.net.


Alliance Française de Louisville

A Non-Profit, Tax-Exempt 501(c)(3) Organization

1313 Lyndon Ln, Suite 111, Louisville, KY 40222

 502.420.0800 |  afschool@bellsouth.net  |  www.aflouisville.org


*100% of your donation is tax-deductible.