About the AFL

Alliance Française de Louisville

Mission statement: The Alliance Francaise de Louisville is an international organization dedicated to providing programs and services that engage our community in the language and cultures of French speaking peoples.

History: The Alliance Française de Louisville was founded in 1914 with a focus on cultural events such as plays and social gatherings. However, it was not until 1987 that Evelyn Cohn founded our school and AFL began offering French language classes to the Louisville community.

General information: The Alliance Française de Louisville, located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, is a local chapter of the Alliance Française network and, as such, is organized in accordance with the by-laws of the parent organization, which was created in 1883 to encourage and further the knowledge of the French culture and language and to foster friendly relations between the American and French people. Furthermore, the Alliance Française de Louisville shall be operated as a non-profit, non-political, non-discriminatory organization that complies with applicable federal and state non-profit tax laws and regulations.

AFL Board of Directors

The management and control of the property and affairs of the Alliance shall be vested in a Board of Directors whose current directors are:

Jennifer Reifert, Treasurer
Anne Harlan, Secretary
Galina Vaynerman
Rafael Fernandez-Botran
Dr. Erica Lawrence
Matt Straub
Joseph Wantland
Neil Benner