AFL Overview

The Alliance Française

The Alliance Française de Louisville, Inc. (“Alliance Française” or “corporation”), located in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, is a local chapter of the Alliance Française de Paris and, as such, is organized in accordance with the By-laws of the parent organization, which was created in 1883 to encourage and further the knowledge of the French culture and language and to foster friendly relations between the American and French people. Furthermore, the Alliance Française de Louisville shall be operated as a non-profit, non-political, non-discriminatory organization that complies with applicable federal and state non-profit tax laws and regulations.

AFL Board of Directors

The management and control of the property and affairs of the Alliance shall be vested in a Board of Directors whose current directors are :

Gregg Ferris, President
Alyce Neji, Vice-President
Susan Cole, Treasurer
Lee Beckhusen, Secretary
Paul Klein
Andrea Lowery
Jennifer Buck
Juan Linares
Melinda Impellizzeri
Brett Corbin
Jean Elizabeth Tucker
Mary Jo Netherton
Paula Bohnert