Teachers' Corner

How can AFL help me teach?

Here are a few things that AFL can provide you, as a French teacher:

• A library of about a thousand titles in French, including fiction, nonfiction, magazines, children, and teenagers’ books. We have several bilingual books, as well as books in “easy” French. We also have a few hundred books in English about French, France and the francophone world.

• A small DVD collection (growing!)

• A dozen board games and card games in French

• A collection of French textbooks and workbooks for all levels and publics (about a hundred titles)

• A quarterly book club in French, to maintain fluency

• A series of three conferences per year on French topics, to keep in touch with linguistic and/or cultural matters

These resources are available to AFL members. As a French teacher, you are eligible for a discount membership of $25 per year!

Contact us today at 502-420-0800 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more info or to schedule a visit!